Why Wear Driving Gloves

Ever hear of a little race called the Indianapolis 500? Every single driver on the track wears driving gloves.

And no, its not just because it makes them look cool... (even though it absolutely does.)

Who wants to drive a gorgeous car with a steering wheel that's falling apart?

Your hand's natural oils, combined with any sweat or grit, will deteriorate your luxury car's leather and/or polished wood steering wheels. Wearing gloves preserves your wheel over time.

If you're like most Americans, taking a trip to the mall or driving your kids to school won't tire your hands... but those of you who enjoy a good drive will remain pain free for longer periods while wearing driving gloves.

Little known fact: most truck drivers wear gloves.

Whether you're driving in the sweltering heat or biting cold, driving gloves help keep you comfortable behind the wheel

There's no denying that driving gloves carry a certain type of old school charm...

And really, what guy doesn't want to look like both a classy gentleman and a badass? No one, that's who.