Our Story

Inspired by the brilliant & ever-evolving, yet classic trends of the automotive industry, Sayre Stitch is a product born and bred out of the love and passion that owner & designer Patrick Sayre developed for the automotive industry while growing up in Southern California with three brothers and a garage full of two to four wheeled projects. 

After failing to find a set of driving gloves that held his standards of fashion and functionality, Sayre decided on creating his own pair.  An Art Director by trade, Sayre took matters into his own hands by designing and finalizing a unique hand accessory with a local leather crafts artisan in Los Angeles with a specific color treatment in mind that before now, had been neglected in this niche area of the automotive industry.  The thought of truly revitalizing a classic trend and bringing back the purpose and luxuriousness of a finely formed leather driving glove is what fueled Sayre‚Äôs determination in creating his first pair.

Sayre Stitch prides itself on providing high end, quality products made entirely in the United States, specifically crafted in Los Angeles, California. Our fine lamb skin leather is imported from Italy, and all prototypes have been tested for durability and proper operation in the winding canyon roads of Malibu, CA.